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Zirakpur is very Prime part of Chandigarh however it based in Punjab state but it’s share its boundaries with Chandigarh. Zirakpur is also like a part of Chandigarh now. Injury report our services are available in all Zirakpur  sectors and nearby areas.  So for tonight you just have to  book a hotel for yourself and have Unlimited fun with our Zirakpur Escort girls.

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one of the first questions that would come to most people’s minds when they think about an escort is what actually happens between an escort and a client what exactly do I get paid for so those aren’t exactly the same question I know they sound like they are but they’re different and actually have different answers so let’s start with what I get paid to do I get paid to spend time with people plain and simple my clients pay me by the hour sometimes by the night to hang out with them that’s the long and short of it now because each client is different and has a different personality and different expectations

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 what I actually do with my clients varies I sometimes get hired for pretty traditional dates you know I’ve been paid to have coffee with someone I’ve been paid to go on a walk with somebody I had a client who paid me Togo to a couple of family events with him as his girlfriend I sometimes have dinner with clients or drinks with clients um I’ve even had appointments here and there where I hung out with a guy and we talked the whole time that doesn’t happen a lot but it happens but really most of my appointments follow a similar pattern it usually starts out with talking sometimes over a glass of wine or a beer and that part is especially important if the client is nervous sometimes they walk in and they were visibly shaking and sweating and Icon tell they’re really anxious and the talking for a little while seems to really set them at ease a lot of times so I greet the client we chat might have a drink and I know this is going to super shock you guys you’re gonna completely scandalized but I sometimes end up having sex with my clients this is where I’ll clarify that my job is not to have sex with my clients that would constitute prostitution is illegal doing illegal things get you thrown in jail and I’ve heard jail is really super not any fun so I avoid any illegal activities but truth be told when your job is to spend time with people and a lot of those times you know someone is attracted to someone and that does tend to happen in my work

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